Private Label Nutraceuticals is an industry leader in skin care product manufacturing because we realize the importance of supporting each one of our clients beyond the manufacturing process, through innovative beauty product marketing strategies. With over a decade of experience in the nutrition and supplement industry, we have an intimate knowledge of the latest industry trends and continuously track the latest nutritional supplement technology advances. This ensures that we can provide you with effective nutraceuticals marketing strategies that are a strong fit for you product and marketplace.


Private label marketing is extremely important when building a nutraceuticals brand. Because many skin care formulations can have multiple target users, and private label brands can be positioned as a luxury or bargain item, how you approach your beauty product marketing can make or break your business. Your dedicated account executive can analyze your market, product, and business model to make the best recommendations for your specific product. We have produced private label marketing tactics for ecommerce businesses, MLM companies, direct selling organizations, pharmacies, practitioners, spa wellness centers, and health food stores around the world!

We can help with a variety of nutraceuticals marketing functions, such as:


Many of our clients rely on the Internet to reach their customers and sell their product; therefore, creating a strong online campaign is crucial in developing your private label marketing strategy. This may include website development, search engine optimization/search engine marketing, pay-per-click campaigns, e-mail campaigns, social marketing, linking campaigns, online media buys, and reputation management. We focus on creating a beauty marketing strategy that reaches the correct target customer, so that you can maximize your ROI. Correctly utilizing a nutraceutical marketing online strategy will allow you to drive qualified traffic to your website, therefore reducing your cost per lead, increasing your brand awareness, building a loyal customer base, and growing your sales.


Although many our clients use the Internet as a main source for their private label marketing initiatives, it is vital that a complete marketing mix be evaluated so that you do not miss any important segments you wish to target. For that reason, we offer nutraceutical marketing services for traditional media outlets. We can help you with print, TV, or radio media buys. We have extensive experience working with clients needing specialized beauty care marketing support, such as those looking to utilize direct response advertising to generate leads and increase sales.

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